O.M.M. born in the 50s at the initiative of Mr. Enrico Mariani.
In the '90s, with the entrance of Eng. Roberto Mariani, the company serves more attention to the technical articles used in the furniture.

The research and development, through new ideas, has innovated the following products:

  • Joints characterized by the key passage and the possibility to be combined with the levels in one article.
  • Level adjusters also be matched to the joints, designed for various applications. 
  • Wardrobe adjusters to control the wardrobe sliding and winding panels planarity, gradually reducing and eliminating the need of assembling screws.
  • Aluminium extruded frames for building up sliding panels with not only personalized shapes, but being also the straighteners integrated parts of them, to guarantee sliding panels planarity available also for winding doors.
  • Hardware in general, especially various kinds of adjustable shelf supports.
  • Useful accessories like caps, bushes and so on.

O.M.M. It is also proposed as an active partner in a position to give concrete answers with custom designs from concept to product, going from design and prototyping, to production of molds and equipment, to production.
The used technologies are different according to the features of the product to be realized.

The production is divided in:

  • standard articles according to the catalogue.
  • special articles realized in partnership with our customer.

On 26 april 2018 O.M.M. received the quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 attached below.